What I desire?

What I desire Is to find the path While I behold my faith. What I desire Is to travel back, decipher my conscience, decide on a new road of self-emergence. What I desire Is to satisfy my wanderlust,  By letting the history rest, While I bring out my best. What I desire Is to overcome my fears  By keeping pious thoughts, around everywhere  By knowing what I need to  By electing what I should do. While I redefine my life  with wanderlust in my eyes, I desire to unfurl the magic I hide, And show new dawn, a new life. Sushma


You took away my sunshine Snatched away what you believed was mine  Tried to lower my self-esteem Considerably destroyed my dream Made me feel less worthy Surpassed the limits of cruelty  In the name of support,  You annihilated my sanity. I remember how I wandered for hours, with my corrosive skin The drops of acid were on me  But I saw morality was eroding. I am no more a puppet on a string While my wounds heal and so do my soul Holding on to my morals, I stay strong. So that nobody can even dare to hijack my dignity.

My Yellow Comforter

 Oh! Her flawless body is now creased. But her charm has not yet diminished. Glad of the guard,she is still not tattered. Wrapped in her embrace was such a peace. Her affection was always a soothing fleece. On the nights of insecure shiver,  her reassuring touch had,solace delivered. Chucked in the chair or spread on the bed,  her glowing gestures had so much to enunciate. She played a crucial role in all the narrations. Fitting in as any costume was her art of adaptation.   She has that one of a kind of handwoven texture. My one and only "Yellow Comforter". Sushma

Choices I made


Marriage Blooms

Candles and cakes. All seems to be fake. When marriage is replaced by the word "blame".  It gives the alliance a new name. To be held and to be loved, is replaced by staying alone and unheard. Sharing a space becomes a lost sight, whenever the dialogue turns into the same old fight. The love once blossomed, now makes them insane. The solace then feels like a pain. But what remains unchanged is the choices being made. To stand strong together even if it's a perilous nightmare. That's how a marriage blooms. Coming together by erasing the existing gloom. Sushma


You never know it all until you explore. Isn't it?  Well, that's what most of us must have experienced in life, I believe.  I'm Sushma, and I believe in carving passion into a possibility. The road is not easy though. It has its setbacks. Till the time it doesn't reach a dead-end, I am a happy traveller. A multilingual person, a SAHM, an aspiring writer with a niche in parenting, womanhood, travel, food, traditions, and life lessons, I'm here to share what I know and to seek what I need to.